Eric Freeman

Faculty Recognition

Eric Freeman

Eric FreemanEric Freeman earned a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from The University of Portland and a Bachelor of Science in Business, Marketing from Portland State University.  He has worked as a director of marketing, consultant, and online instructor.

Eric has been teaching full-time and part-time for approximately 12 years.  He has taught online since 2002 and joined Grand Canyon University in 2005.  He currently lives in Portland, Oregon with his family and enjoys reading, working out, movies, and camping.  He is also an Air Force veteran.

How has facilitating online courses at GCU helped you find your purpose?

It really is an honor to be part of GCU's online faculty. Teaching online courses provides an opportunity to discuss marketing related topics with students in a strategic manner. For example, open-ended questions are used in the course discussions for students to brainstorm possible marketing solutions. This allows them to explore complex marketing scenarios from many different perspectives. Brainstorming can be both challenging and fun.  

What is one effective teaching strategy you use in your online classes?

I am an upbeat, positive, and motivating instructor. This is important for students because they need to know their instructor respects them and wants them to succeed. For example, when communicating with students via email, discussion boards, or assignment feedback, I do so in a positive manner, even when giving constructive criticism.  Using positive communication or motivational techniques is an excellent way to retain students and help them realize academic success. 

What is a GCU online student success story you can share?

About six months ago, one of my students had fallen behind in the course. I sent her an encouraging email offering to help. She informed me that she did not understand the assignments. Thus, we set up a weekly meeting by phone - Friday evenings - to discuss the assignments. It was not uncommon for our meetings to last an hour and half to two hours. The meetings helped her feel more comfortable and she succeeded in the course.