Jacquie Lisicki

Faculty Recognition


JacquieJacquie Lisicki earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing Education from Plattsburg University located in upstate New York. She earned her Master of Science in Nursing degree from Regis University. In 1999 she succeeded in her goal of passing the National Diabetic Educator Certification exam to earn the title of Certified Diabetic Educator. She currently works for Lee Memorial Hospital System as a Diabetic Educator.

Until she moved to Florida in 2005, she resided in New York where she worked in the Intensive Care, Cardiac Care, and the Emergency Department. In January of 2000, she accepted a position as an adjunct faculty member for Fulton Montgomery Community College teaching in the classroom as well as the clinical setting. In 2004, she was selected for inclusion in the eighth edition of ‘Who's Who's among "Teachers" registry.

She completed her MSN in an online forum allowing her to easily transition from ground teaching to the online setting. Jacquie believes the process of education is best served when there is a collaborative relationship between the student and the facilitator. For this reason she strives to ensure this measure is implemented in her classroom.
Jacquie is married and has three grown sons. Her oldest son is employed at Johnson and Johnson as a consultant to educate physicians and pharmacists regarding Medicare changes, her middle son manages several physical therapy facilities in the state of Florida, and her youngest son is employed with Amgen pharmaceuticals as Vice President She has seven grandchildren, five granddaughters and twin boys.

She is a gourmet cook, enjoys reading and watching classic movies. She is an advocate for a healthy lifestyle and alternates her daily exercise routine with running, yoga, and swimming.

How has facilitating online courses at GCU helped you find your purpose?

My goal is to foster learning and share new knowledge with others. My relationship as an adjunct for Grand Canyon University started in 2011, accepting this position offered me a conduit to accomplish both; to share and learn new information in a collaborative environment. I value the motto that learning is a life-long process. I am a firm believer that the nursing practice is built on knowledge, critical thinking, theory and research. As an educator I am committed to excellence in nursing scholarship. To foster that scholarship, I remain committed to creating an educational climate that reflects democratic attitudes and beliefs, stimulates intellectual inquiry, creativity, and encourages the development of each student to their highest potential.

What is one effective teaching strategy you use in your online classes?

In the discussion forums I foster an environment where class members feel safe in voicing their opinions. I work diligently to pass on to my students a mutual respect whereby everyone is equal regarding their thoughts and ideas. No one is considered to have an opinion that does not matter. The platform I use for my classroom is a sharing organism of collaborative learning whereby everyone learns from each other. In addition, I make the effort to further the discussion by asking students probing questions and requesting that each student post one question in each discussion forum. Effective and timely feedback is a priority in my classroom in the discussion forum and student assignments

What is a GCU online student success story you can share?

In one of my health assessment classes a student was undergoing treatment for a depilating illness and her treatment was not going well. In an effort to help her complete her course work I worked with her to extend her assignment. I empathized with her needs and worked with her so that she successfully completed her course work for the class. The student was grateful and I was rewarded by knowing my efforts to consider her needs helped this student be successful.