Janice Hess

Janice Hess

College of Nursing

Ph.D. in Nursing Practice - University of Florida, FL
M.S. in Nursing - University of Florida, FL
B.S. in Nursing - Southern Missionary College, TN

About Janice Hess

Janice has been an RN for 44 years and an ARNP for thirty-four years. She was the first adult nurse practitioner to be licensed in Volusia County.  She has been married for forty-five years to a very patient husband, Randy Hess. Janice and Randy have two daughters, Heather and Laurie, ages 38 and 36. Both daughters are school teachers. Janice also has two grandsons, Sage age 13 and Keegan age 2. On Nov 1, 2011, they welcomed their first granddaughter into the family.

She has been employed at a VA Outpatient Clinic for twenty-six years. In her present position, Janice serves as a nurse practitioner in primary care.  She is very active in her professional organizations and speaks often to local nursing groups and nursing students on the importance of joining and engaging in professional organizations and political advocacy.


How has facilitating online courses at GCU helped you find your purpose?

I am a firm believer in the philosophy of "passing on" clinical expertise through mentoring and precepting nursing students. Online facilitation of nursing courses allows me to share with students lessons learned and pearls of practice that hopefully will assist them in gaining clinical confidence in the new roles they are pursuing in their academic and professional journey.  I also believe nursing should be a life-long learning experience. The students I facilitate inspire me to stay current and they teach me new perspectives for viewing our profession and the delivery of healthcare.


What is one effective teaching strategy you use in your online classes?

I open the class with a PowerPoint narrated bio that introduces myself to the class and outlines basic course requirements. I add other PowerPoints throughout the course if student questions indicate a lack of understanding concerning the topics and assignments. I end each PowerPoint with my cell and home phone numbers and encourage my students to call if they have a question. The online learning environment lacks the face to face contact available in ground classes. I find that the PowerPoint (which includes a picture of me) and my voice narrating the PPT is an effective way of connecting with my students.


What is a GCU online student success story you can share?

A MSN student was struggling with senioritis. This student was overwhelmed with completing the practicum and evidenced based practice project. I contacted her after Module One to discuss her frustration and related stressors evident in her comments in the Discussion Forum and Cyber Café. I shared with the student how I could identify with the stress because I had recently graduated as a DNP student. We discussed what she thought would help her succeed and complete the final courses for her MSN. The student was able to develop a time line for completion of requirements which helped her move from disorganization/procrastination to completing her work. She called me frequently during the first 3 weeks of the course but as she gained confidence that she would do well her calls became fewer. The personal encouragement and contact assisted her in regaining belief in her ability to succeed by reducing her self-doubt.