Kathleen Tallent

Faculty Recognition

Kathleen Tallent

Kathleen TallentDr. Kathleen Tallent received a Bachelor of Arts degree, with high distinction, in Psychology from the University of Virginia. She later received a master's degree and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has published over 20 peer-reviewed research articles that focused on psychosis-proneness and cognitive functioning in schizophrenia and related disorders.

Dr. Tallent has integrated teaching, research, and clinical work throughout her career. According to Dr. Tallent, "It is hard to disentangle these three areas because each mutually informs the others. Some of my most significant research or clinical insights have come during my teaching, when I am discussing ideas with students."

Throughout her career, Dr. Tallent has conducted research at the National Institute of Mental Health and completed two clinical internships at VA Hospitals, which has synthesized her theoretical orientation as a developmental psychopathologist focused on prevention and/or early intervention in mental illness. Dr. Tallent expresses, "Each of these experiences has shaped who I am as a professional and as an instructor. I strive to connect with graduate students at GCU and help them form their own professional identities based on their experiences and interests."

How has facilitating online courses at GCU helped you find your purpose?

Having taught traditional, "in seat" classrooms for years, I am relatively new to the online teaching format. However, I consider myself a convert as I feel that I have found my niche in online teaching. GCU has helped me find my purpose as an online instructor. The students at GCU are special to me. Many of them are returning or non-traditional students who, after many years of professional work, are seeking their doctoral degree. They bring a wealth of experience to the classroom environment and it is a privilege to mentor them in their doctoral journey.

What is one effective teaching strategy you use in your online classes?

I would have to say that two strategies come to mind. One strategy focuses on the individual level of connecting one-on-one with each student and appreciating their unique learning needs and interests. The second strategy focuses on the group level of the classroom environment in which each individual learner brings their own personal strengths and background to create a dynamic learning environment. When students come together in this fashion, the whole really does become greater than the sum of its parts. Students begin to share their knowledge, learn, and grow together in dynamic and unexpected ways. My role is to facilitate this process and provide students with an environment in which they feel safe and confident in expressing their ideas and interacting with one another.

What is a GCU online student success story you can share?

So many students come to mind in such a short time that it is hard to just share one. I think that, overall, it has been the times when students have gone out of their way to let me know that I have had an impact on their learning in the course and in their GCU experience. This really means a lot to me. I also regularly hear from students in discussion forums who are applying their learning, almost on a real-time basis, to make a difference in the lives of others in educational, forensic, and human service settings. GCU students are already out there making a difference in the world and I am honored to be a part of this.