Milton Carter

Milton Carter

College of Arts and Science

D.Min. in Leadership and Renewal - Regent University, VA
M.A. in Theology/Christian Formation - Church of God Theological Seminary, TN
B.S. in Religion - Lee University, TN

About Milton Carter

Milton has served as an online adjunct faculty member at GCU for two years.  Currently, he serves as the Director of the Center for Pentecostal Leadership & Care at The Pentecostal Theological Seminary (Church of God, Cleveland, TN).  In this position he provides leadership for a national network of support groups for over 700 pastors in the Seminary's historic Pastoral Covenant Group Project. He is also an adjunct faculty member of the Seminary. 

His life journey includes serving as a Senior Pastor (twenty-two years), denominational leader (ten years), church planter, and an administrator of a Christian school.  He is a certified church consultant.  Milton and his wife Violet are certified Marriage and Family Ministry trainers.  His greatest joy is being dad to three adult children (all married) and granddad to young grandsons.  Milton enjoys camping, hiking, and trail riding.


How has facilitating online courses at GCU helped you find your purpose?

My mission in life is training, developing, mentoring, and coaching men and women for effective ministry leadership.  Facilitating online courses at GCU has given me an incredible opportunity to connect with students from all over the country who are currently serving in various ministry positions or who feel the call of God for future ministry leadership.  They are motivated to enroll in courses at GCU to further prepare and equip themselves to fulfill their ministry call.  Facilitating courses has given me new and exciting opportunities to help men and women prepare for a life of service to God and His church in the world.  I am grateful for this wonderful opportunity.


What is one effective teaching strategy you use in your online classes?

Asking probing questions in the Discussion Forum is a very important aspect of online learning.  I found that students enjoy responding to questions I pose to them in reply to their Discussion Question responses.  Questions are keys that open the treasure chest of personal discovery, insight, and personal application.  I look for opportunities to connect with a student through questions that encourage personal reflection and application of what we are studying to his or her life and context.  

A wise person said, "He who asks the question controls the conversation".


What is a GCU online student success story you can share?

Midway through a course, one particular student who was close to completing a program at GCU encountered some very challenging personal circumstances. This student wanted to drop the course.  I was able to help the student navigate through the difficult circumstances by helping him learn new time management skills.  The student expressed gratitude for the care I provided and for the addition of some new skills to his own life.