Nicolette Boessling

Faculty Recognition


NicoletteNicolette Boessling earned both her Bachelor's degree in Business Management and her MBA from the University of Phoenix. She worked hard to put herself through school She attended evening online classes while working full time. She was able to apply what she was learning in the classroom into her daily work life. This was a huge benefit as well as instrumental to her success.

Nicolette lives in Gilbert, AZ with her husband and two daughters. Her husband is a youth minister at a local church and Nicolette and her daughters stay very active at their church. Her daughters are ages 3 and 1. They keep her very busy....and exhausted!

How has facilitating online courses at GCU helped you find your purpose?

Teaching classes, especially online classes, at GCU has allowed me to help students realize their educational goals. I was once a full time working student and understand first-hand how difficult that is. It is a juggling act that requires understanding and caring from your instructors. The same care and assistance needs to be given to returning students who are anxious about their school work. Helping students become successful learners is very fulfilling to me and has led me to teaching at the community college level as well. Without GCU I would not have discovered my passion for teaching.

What is one effective teaching strategy you use in your online classes?

I am available for all my students' needs. I call students when I notice patterns of non-participation or missing assignments. I want my students to have every opportunity for success even if that means personally walking them through each assignment to ensure they understand. I also provide real world scenarios to our classroom that allow students to learn how to apply the concepts to what they are going through in their workplace.

What is a GCU online student success story you can share?

I had a student once who informed me she attempted to take this course before but had to drop because she felt it was too difficult. She was very apprehensive about trying it again but knew she needed it to graduate. I made a plan with her where we decided we would discuss how to go about her homework prior to her starting her assignments to make sure she was on the right track. This gave her the confidence she needed to get through this class and do well in it.