Todd Fowler

Todd began his teaching career with Grand Canyon University in 2008 after returning home from Iraq where he served as a Navy Chaplain. In just a few months he will defend his dissertation on pastoral perspectives for combat related posttraumatic stress disorders, which will complete a Doctorate of Ministry in Marriage and Family Therapy from Amridge University. Todd also received a Master of Arts in Practical Theology at Regent University, a Master of Science in Leadership and Management at Amridge University and in early December of 2012 will graduate with a Master of Education in Leadership in Higher Education from Northcentral University. The following month Todd will enroll in one final Master of Arts degree in Online Education and e-Learning from Walden University, which will complete his educational goals. Besides being a full time theology professor and Navy Chaplain, Todd has been active in the business community.
 From 1996 to 2000 he owned and operated a large home sales center in Southern Utah and was awarded an entrepreneurial citation placing him in the 1998 edition of Who's Who in America.

Todd and his wife of 16 years are currently stationed at Point Mugu in Oxnard, California.

How has facilitating online courses at GCU helped you find your purpose?

Teaching Old and New Testament courses at GCU has been a passion for me and allowed me to share the excitement of the scriptures with others, helping them to discover the many wonders found within their pages. My time with the GCU family over the past several years has also changed the direction of my future. I discovered an avenue where I can blend my two loves, scripture and business, by working towards becoming a Dean of Students. My ultimate dream is to combine all my prior knowledge in the business world with the skills obtained through my education and open a satellite location for a university in my retirement home of St. George, Utah.

What is one effective teaching strategy you use in your online classes?

I believe in keeping students engaged by providing avenues of added possible discussion and offering periodic charts and graphs to enhance their bible study experience. Sometimes a required discussion question will run its course with minimal classroom interaction. By offering additional material and/or questions that expand upon given questions, promotes creative synergistic thinking, and prompts further questions.

I also believe in a solid foundation of basic APA knowledge. Students in the online community come from around the world bringing with them a wide variety of formatting preconceptions. To ensure students leave my class armed with needed APA skills, I also developed simplistic APA help sheets, which breaks down the various fundamentals of APA into basic step-by-step instructions such as how to properly double space and margins 101.

What is a GCU online student success story you can share?

Early in my teaching career I was blessed to have a student who was a grandmother of twelve and hadn't taken an educational class in over 45 years. When the course began I received a call from the student who explained she didn't even know what the keys on the keyboard did when you pressed them since the last time she typed anything was on a traditional ribbon typewriter. Spending over two hours on two consecutive nights with the student, I went through each key followed by lessons on proper APA formatting and how to locate other helpful programs offered thru GCU's writing center. This student worked very hard and when she received an A on her first paper, she called me once again and while sobbing over the phone, stated that she had never received an A before. She was so excited she also called her children to tell them her good news.