Housing Accommodations Policy

Requesting Accommodations when in Student Housing

To request special housing accommodations based on a major medical issue, students are required to complete the normal Housing Application with Student Life and also complete the Steps to Accommodations through the Disability Office at Grand Canyon University.

Steps to Accommodations:
Students are required to complete the Accommodation Request Form, which can be found at the following link: http://academiccompliance.gcu.edu/Accommodation.aspx

Students are required to provide documentation that demonstrates credible assurance of a disability issue. Every student will have different documentation, as it will depend on your individual issue and on your medical provider. If the University is unable to accept it as official documentation, we will explain why so that you can attempt to obtain alternative documentation.

The documentation should directly support the student's request for accommodations. The documentation must be from a medical provider (such as a doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc.) or from testing services (such as Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale and other tests). The documentation must state the specific disability and show cause for why a student's disability significantly limits their ability to complete their educational goals at GCU. The documentation should include a summary of the student's functional limitations in order for the University to determine the appropriate accommodations. The documentation is kept on file in the Disability Office for verification purposes.

The documentation should be typed with the appropriate official signature and contact information for the associated facility for verification purposes (on official letterhead is preferred). We do NOT accept documentation that is handwritten or submitted on a prescription note. Documentation cannot be altered and must be submitted in its entirety. These documents are scanned into a protected part of your permanent record and therefore, must be legible and clear. Documentation can be submitted to the Disability Office either by fax to 602-589-2652, by email to disabilityoffice@gcu.edu or they can be hand delivered to the Disability Office at the Main Campus in Phoenix, Arizona.

Once documentation is received it will be reviewed. If the documentation provided does not meet the University's requirements it will not be accepted as the official documentation. Students will receive notice and will be asked to provide alternative supporting documentation. The documentation is kept on file in the Disability Office for verification purposes. Students requesting additional accommodations after their initial approval may be asked to provide additional documentation.

Housing Options:
Housing accommodations are subject to availability and are based on a "first come first serve" basis. If a student is approved for housing accommodations, they will be given the options that are available at that time to choose from. (Please see Disability Services: Housing Accommodations Request Process map).

Denied Requests:
Denied requests will receive an official denial email. Students wanting to appeal that denial can do so by sending a reply email to the official denial. The appeal will be reviewed by the Executive Director of Academic Compliance and Regulation. Their decision is considered the final decision of the University.


Housing Accommodations Request Process Map