Withdraw from Housing

Current Students

Housing Policies and Forms

Housing Application Policy
Use GCU's online housing application portal StarRez to reserve your housing, select a roommate and choose a meal plan. Reserving your room is easy with our step-by-step registration guide. A one-time housing application fee of $250 is required of all resident students.

Students under the age of 18 need to fill out the Underage Housing Form. This form must be signed with a legal guardian and then returned to the Office of Residence Life (email: housing@gcu.edu)

Check Out Policy
All students living on campus must check out of the residence halls by a specified move-out time prior to summer break. Contact your Resident Assistant (RA) at least 24 hours in advance to sign up for a room review and check-out time. If you need an extension, contact your Resident Director (RD).

Please note: If you are not ready to be checked out at your scheduled time slot or you fail to check out or properly clean your suite before leaving school, you will be subject to an improper check-out fine of $150.

Housing Cancellation/Reimbursement Policy
To withdraw from university housing, complete the online Withdrawal From Housing Form below. Make sure to schedule a check-out appointment with your RA 24 hours in advance prior to moving out. Failure to do so will result in an improper check-out fine of $150 and possible cleaning fees. Please be aware that you will be held responsible for any remaining contractual financial obligations for the semester as follows:

Housing refunds will follow the same automated process as tuition refunds:
Before Week 1 - 100%
During Week 1 - 90%
During Week 2 - 75%
During Week 3 - 50%
After Week 3 - 0%

Withdrawal From Housing Request

Switching Rooms
Residents are expected to remain in assigned rooms for the duration of the semester except in extreme circumstances. To be considered for a room switch at the end of the first semester, submit a request below by Friday, Nov. 22, 2013 by 3 p.m. Forms received after this date will be denied.

Approved switches are based on current housing availability. If you are approved for a room switch, you must completely move into your new unit prior to the resident halls closing for break. Any room switches made without permission may result in fines or disciplinary action.

Semester room switch requests are no longer available at this time.

Housing Accommodations Policy

Special housing accommodations are available for those who would like to request it based on a major medical issue. The student must still apply for housing as well as work with the Student Disabilities Office to secure special housing accommodations. Read more on the housing accommodations policy page.

*Students with extenuating circumstances as determined by Residence Life may complete an appeal form requesting a housing refund. If an appeal is accepted, the refund may be pro-rated at monthly intervals.