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Requesting Additional Accommodations

Students that are dissatisfied with their accommodations are asked to contact the Disability Office to discuss different options, or get additional assistance.

Students have the opportunity to request accommodations above and beyond the normal scope of the Disability Office. Students may submit requests for additional accommodations through the Disability Office, who then present the request to the ADA Executive Decision Committee. The Committee will review the student’s request as well as their documentation before rendering a determination.

If the student is dissatisfied with the determination made by the ADA Executive Decision Committee, (s)he can  appeal the determination to the Provost of Grand Canyon University. To file a second appeal, the student will contact the Student Disabilities Office, which will forward the appeal to the University Provost, and which will advise the student of the Provost’s decision. The Provost’s decision will stand as the final decision of the University.

Grand Canyon University reserves the right to deny a student’s request for accommodations or to suggest alternative accommodations if the student cannot provide appropriate documentation of a disability or if the student’s request impacts the academic integrity of the Institution as outlined in Wynne v Tufts University School of Medicine, (1991).

“If the institution submits undisputed facts demonstrating that the relevant officials within the institution considered alternative means, their feasibility, cost and effect on the academic program, and came to a rationally justifiable conclusion that the available alternatives would result either in lowering academic standards or requiring substantial program alteration, the court could rule as a matter of law that the institution had met its duty of seeking reasonable accommodation."