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Steps to Receive an Accommodation

In order to receive accommodations through the University, students are required to complete the Accommodation Request Form and provide supporting documentation to the Disability Office. To allow the University sufficient time for processing, requests should be submitted no later than two (2) weeks (10 working days) prior to the start of the course. All approved accommodation requests turned in after the course has begun will be in place as of the date the form and documentation was received by the Disability Office. Accommodations will not be retroactive. Processing of accommodations begins after both the request form and the appropriate documentation information is received.

Students are required to complete a new accommodation request form annually based on their original approval date. Documentation for permanent disabilities will remain on file with the Disability Office. Students that are approved for Temporary services will be asked to provide additional documentation to extend services. (Please see Temporary Accommodations Policy for more information).  Students are required to notify the Disability Office of any schedule changes that may occur during their program of study, in order to ensure that their accommodations are applied or adjusted accordingly. Students that withdraw from the University or have been suspended will need to contact the Disability Office upon their return in order to re-establish their accommodations.  Please note that the University cannot provide accommodations that are not requested.

Steps to Accommodations

  1. Complete the Accommodation Request Form  
  2. Supporting documentation is required for all students requesting accommodations through the Disability Office. The documentation must be from a medical provider (such as a doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc.) or from testing services (such as Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale and other tests).  The documentation should be on letterhead from the provider or service company. The documentation is kept on file in the Disability Office for verification purposes.
  3. Turn in a copy of the above items via one of the options listed below:
    • Fax - 602-589-2652 (All documents must contain the student's name and be addressed: Attn: Disabilities Coordinator)
    • Email -  please put the students name in the subject line of the email (last, first)
    • Hand Delivery - Take requests to the SDS Office located in Camelback Hall (Building 37)

For more information:
Phone: 602-639-6342
Toll Free:  1-800-800-776 ext. 6396342
Fax:  602-589-2652