Discover GCU Events provide a glimpse of life as a student at GCU

Have you wondered what it would be like to live on campus and attend classes at GCU? High school juniors and seniors are invited to spend two days on the campus and see if GCU is a good fit. Dennis Williams, an Admissions Manager at GCU, walks you through this unique two-day experience known as "Discover GCU".

On Day One, students and their parents will take a tour of the campus, seeing the dorms and the amazing amenities and services in place to support our students. Everyone will enjoy a student life event, dine at one of our amazing food venues and students are invited to spend the night in one of our dorm rooms to gain a true sense of the community spirit that is alive on the GCU campus. On Day Two, students will attend a mock class to experience the academic environment and then meet with an admissions representative to learn about scholarship opportunities and review your application and transcripts, ensuring a smooth enrollment process.

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