Dual Enrollment Instructors

Grand Canyon University courses may be offered at the high schools in approved states. High school teachers must meet the same instructor qualification requirements of university faculty. The dual enrollment instructor is responsible to provide instruction that incorporates current best practices in teaching, technologies, student engagement and other trends that reflect advances in specific content area. Grand Canyon University will work with the dual enrollment instructor to provide academic support, curriculum approval and monitoring of the course effectiveness.

Instructor Qualifications:

Master's degree or higher in the content area or a M.Ed with certification in content area and Exceptional Expertise qualifications set and approved by the colleges.

Instructor Approval:

Instructor completes an online dual enrollment adjunct faculty member application and attaches resume and unofficial transcripts. Official transcripts are required for final approval.

Curriculum Approval:

  • Create syllabus that incorporates university templates, standards and objectives into current curriculum.
  • Utilize university benchmark exams/assignments and grading rubrics. (Typically 1-3 assignments)
  • Provide course materials for approval


GCU faculty will monitor one class per semester and provide feedback to the school and instructor

Training and Support:

  • GCU faculty will assist dual enrollment instructors in the development of their syllabus.
  • Should course materials not meet university standards, GCU faculty will recommend supplementary readings.
  • Dual enrollment instructors are provided with orientation and training on the pedagogical, theoretical and philosophical views of the University and expectations. 
  • Ongoing training and professional development offered to GCU's campus based faculty is also available to dual enrollment instructors.
 For more information, please contact us at 602-639-6808 or email at dualenrollment@gcu.edu