Associated Students of Grand Canyon University

Associated Students of Grand Canyon University

In line with the mission of the university, ASGCU strives to represent and serve the student body in pursuit of academic success, personal excellence and spirituality. ASGCU is a multifaceted, but cohesive team that is built strategically to reach every student in a meaningful way.

Through representation and a variety of programs, events, service and outreach opportunities, ASGCU's central focus builds community and helps every student feel connected on GCU's campus.

At the core of ASGCU is the best interest of each and every student at GCU. 
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ASGCU Leadership

The Executive Board:

The executive board is charged with the leadership of ASGCU and the entire student body. With the president at the helm, the executive board sets the agenda for the year, envisions new ideas and serves as the link between students and the university administration.

ASGCU Cody Dumas
President: Cody Dumas

            ASGCU Matt Friesen
Vice President: Matt Friesen

            ASGCU Liana Allen
                 Chief of Staff: Liana Allen

The President's Cabinet:
Members of the ASGCU President's Cabinet carry out specific projects, programs and services that focus on their individual areas of expertise. Cabinet members also provide advice and insight to the President.

Cabinet Members:
          - Vice President
          - Chief of Staff
          - Director of Communications
          - Director of Public Relations
          - Director of Clubs & Organizations
          - Historian

ASGCU The President's Cabinet


ASGCU has three teams that handle different aspects of student and university relations. 

ASGCU Public Relations Public Relations Team
Director: Slate Herman

The Public Relations Team administers opportunities for the GCU student population to serve the entire GCU community and the neighboring community that surrounds the university.  The PR Team is also tasked with creatively and interactively promoting ASGCU programs and initiatives. It represents ASGCU and the student body at both on campus and off campus events.

ASGCU Communications Communications Team 
Director: Megan Moorehead

The Communications Team develops and coordinates all aspects of ASGCU communication and marketing. This includes all print and digital messaging that directly relates to ASGCU initiatives and programs. We also work hard to spread word about all the exciting activities that take place at GCU on top of publishing the now infamous "Stall Talk" that GCU students catch from the bathroom.

ASGCU Clubs and Orgs Clubs & Orgs Team 
Director: Ally Wolever

The Clubs & Orgs Team supports club-specific events and meetings, communicating with the club leadership and serving as their liaisons to the staff at GCU. Clubs and Organizations contribute a great deal to the GCU community. The Clubs & Orgs Team does everything it can to advance and support the efforts of these initiatives on campus.

ASGCU Senate

The ASGCU Senate is a student-run organization that is responsible for collectively representing the 11,000+ traditional students at the university. As a whole, the senate represents the student voice, engages university administration on policy matters, and initiates new programs and services based on student need. The senate is the deliberative body where all authority from ASGCU originates.

Have questions or concerns regarding your student experience, contact your senator.

ASGCU Matt Friesen
Senate President: Matt Friesen

ASGCU Abbi Nguyen
Senator, Senior Class: Abbi Nguyen

ASGCU Nicholas Hanscome
Senator, Sophomore Class: Nicholas Hanscome
Senator, Junior Class: Vacant
Senator, Freshman Class: Vacant

ASGCU Amenda Nugyen

Senator, At-Large: Amenda Nugyen
ASGCU Suji Shin

Senator, At-Large: Suji Shin
ASGCU Manny Lopez

Senator, At-Large: Manny Lopez
ASGCU Russell Bettinger

Senator, At-Large: Russell Bettinger


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