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Andrew McGill

College of Doctoral Studies

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Dr. Andrew McGill studied organizational behavior and social and cognitive psychology at the University of Michigan, where he earned a Ph.D. in Business Administration and M.A. in Psychology. His research focused on the influences of cognitive complexity and organizational conformity on organizational performance. Previously, Dr. McGill was a Walter Bagehot Fellow in Business and Economics at Columbia University in the City of New York. Andrew's current research focuses on how trust and integrity impact long-term organizational partnerships. Dr. McGill entered the academic world after almost 25 years as a journalist, reporter, and editor in Detroit, Chicago, Miami, and overseas, winning several awards (including being a multi-nominee for the Pulitzer Prize). Andrew specialized in long-term investigative research, which has much in common with scholarly research, one of the things that attracted him to academic studies. Additionally, Dr. McGill took a four-year detour en route to the academic world to assist a Japanese automaker in its launch of an upscale brand focused on customer satisfaction. He was able to help prove that their theory could be implemented as it immediately won and sustained J.D. Power top awards.

What Dr. McGill enjoys the most about teaching is the satisfaction that comes from seeing students learn new concepts and achieve new goals. Andrew runs in his free time and does it on a daily basis. In addition to community service with his wife, Andrew travels actively and has been to more than 80 countries, both on business and pleasure.

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