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James Bankston

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Dr. James Bankston was awarded a Ph.D. in Business with a concentration in Human Resources from Northcentral University, an MBA from Baker College for Graduate Studies, a Master's degree in Biblical Studies from Heritage Theological Seminary, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services from the State University of New York. Since 1993, Dr. Bankston has been employed by the Capital Automotive Group, where he serves as the Human Resources Director for 4 automobile dealerships, employing more than 500 people. While Dr. Bankston has come to recognize that human resources management is an ever-changing and nuanced challenge that requires a commitment to ongoing learning, he also recognizes the professional and personal rewards of enhancing the careers of employees through training, counseling, and the fostering of positive workplace environments.

The greatest joy of earning a Ph.D. for Dr. Bankston is the opportunity it afforded him to teach men and women who long for knowledge and improving their stations in life. James is an avid reader who finds inspirational refuge in the pages of Holy Scripture and historical books that focus on political leaders such as Lincoln or Churchill. Among his travels, the Holy Land and Great Britain are profoundly etched in his memories as places of distinction, significance, and enchantment. Dr. Bankston is married and says the following of his wife, "I am married to an extraordinary woman named Sonya for whom my grateful heart gives thanks every day".

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