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Dr. June Maul received her doctorate in Science and Humanities from Rutgers University doing her dissertation in social and ethical reasoning in Lawrence Kohlberg at Harvard. She received an MAT in Match and Science from Fairleigh Dickenson and an honorary MBA from WIU for her contributions to global education. Her BS is from MIT with a dual focus on Geophysics and Asian Studies with her thesis focused on Alchemy as science and culture. In the professional realm, Dr. Maul served as Corporate Vice President and Chief Learning Officer in the telecommunications industry after holding various national and global leadership positions. She led organizations in human resources, marketing and sales, operations, public relations, finance, strategic partnerships, and information technology. Dr. Maul has over 15 years of experience in education within corporations, universities and high school. Additionally, she possesses over 20 years of experience in the world of business.

Dr. Maul has taught graduate level courses in strategic planning, operations, leadership, innovation, social responsibility, global business, multimedia development, organization development, issues at the interface of science and society, business case development and problem solving. She has also taught executive development programs for senior leaders in corporations and in governments in China and Africa. She has been invited to speak and consult globally on business, leadership, education and innovation. She was also Chairman of the Board for a company jointly owned by the CWA and Qwest that provided educational services. She is a recognized expert in leadership and business; having been invited to serve on groups including editorial boards, author articles, and develop cases and a book for HBSP.

June has served as a Board member for a non-profit school for special needs and a non-profit cancer research organization. She breeds and competes with German Shepherds in the international sport of Schutzhund as well as in sheepherding. She has worked in countries including China, India, England, Ireland, Germany, and South Africa. She enjoys cooking for friends and family and having interesting dialogues on the latest hot topics facing society.

Coaching and facilitating learning has always been a passion for Dr Maul whether she is running a large operations organization, leading an educational organization, serving on a Board or teaching for a company or university. Her focus is always on facilitating learning and engaging the learner in the process. She particularly enjoys her coaching role with doctoral students where she can engage them in the process of defining an area of research where they will ultimately build a new career and define ways to serve society and the greater good.

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