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Pat D'Urso

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Dr. Patricia D'Urso has earned a BS, MBA, MS/Psych, and a Ph.D. in Adult Education along with a Green Belt and Black Belt in Six Sigma from the following respective institutions: State University of New York, Pennsylvania State University, University of Phoenix, University of South Florida, and Villanova University. Dr. D'Urso's focused areas of study include Industrial and Labor Relations, Economics and Management; master's in business administration with a concentration in Human Resources; a master's in general psychology; a Ph.D. in Adult Education with a cognate in Research and Measurement. Patricia has been in academe for over 25 years as both faculty and administrator. She currently chairs doctoral committees, serves on doctoral committees, teaches/facilitates doctoral courses and also serves as a subject matter expert for a well-known publishing company.

Dr. D'Urso has learned that life is rich and fulfilling in academe and everything we do in life is based on the agreements we make and the relationships we form. Our word is our bond or contract with others and it is powerful. Dr. D'Urso receives constant intellectual stimulation by interacting with learners, and delights in the "a-ha" moments they share. She is passionate about her subject matter and makes an effort to interest students as well. In her spare time, Patricia visits with family as often as possible. She also exercises, cooks, reads, and gardens.

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