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Jim Mostofo

College of Education

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Mr. Mostofo is conducting research with secondary pre-service math teachers; using lesson study to enhance planning and teaching. Jameel has earned two master's degrees from Northern Arizona University: one in Educational Leadership and the other in Educational Counseling. He is also an alum of Grand Canyon University after having earned his Bachelors degree. Jameel Mostofo is currently working on his doctorate from Arizona State University and will complete in 2013.

After graduating from GCU, Mr. Mostofo spent five years teaching middle school math in the west valley. He then moved to Westview High School and taught high school math for ten years and then two more within Peoria District. At Arizona State University, Jameel taught and mentored new math teachers for three years. In Total, Jameel has seventeen years of teaching experience. Additionally, he has conducted several workshops and trainings for new and veteran teachers at various districts around the valley. Mr. Mostofo's focus is in effective math teaching strategies, classroom management, questioning strategies, and raising test scores.

Jameel enjoys working with students who struggled in math and helping to make the subject easier for them. He also prides himself on being very practical and real-life with new teachers. In his spare time, Mr. Mostofo enjoys working out at the gym, watching local sports, and activities with his family and friends.

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