Are you interested in pursuing a career in piano or vocal performance or becoming a music teacher? Grand Canyon University's College of Fine Arts offers three Bachelor of Arts in Music programs: one with an emphasis in voice, one with an emphasis in piano, and a music degree program that leads to teacher certification.

Grand Canyon University's history of providing highly-regarded music degree programs goes back to 1949, when GCU was first founded.  In fact, for a long stretch of time, GCU was known as a singing school. Two graduates from GCU's music program have won the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions competition in New York City.  

The Bachelor of Arts in Music (with the choice of voice or piano emphasis) is designed for serious students who wish to devote themselves to developing musical skills, understanding composition, and refining their performance skills. The music degree program is a true liberal arts degree, allowing for participation in varied performing ensembles and studies while simultaneously preparing students for a variety of careers both within and outside the field.

Grand Canyon University's Bachelor of Arts in Music Education program, which leads to a teaching certification, is designed for students interested in the education of children in grades K-12. The format and courses of this regionally accredited and Arizona-approved program are designed to maximize the content knowledge that the teacher candidate will possess upon graduation.

Opportunities are provided to apply concepts, theories, and research throughout the music degree program. Assignments within many of the courses guide students through over 100 hours of observational and practice-based experiences, and the final semester of the program includes a full-time, 16-week student teaching component.

Graduates of the Bachelor of Arts in Music Education program are prepared to become informed educators in public and private schools and other settings requiring a teaching credential. The program focuses on choral music. The curriculum provides a balanced program of applied music, theoretical and historical studies, professional education studies, and field work experiences. An emphasis is placed on contemporary music education with training and experiences designed to meet the varying needs of today's schools. The mission of the Music Education program is to prepare outstanding educators who can make a difference in the lives of their students.