Are you interested in a career in theatre or theatre education? With a rich, 40-year history, Grand Canyon University's Department of Theatre and Drama is known for its outstanding programs for a degree in theatre and preparing its graduates to succeed in their chosen path after graduation. 

Grand Canyon University graduates have been accepted to some of America's finest graduate schools including Rutgers, The Old Globe Theatre Training School, University of Louisville, University of Texas, Arizona State University, University of Arizona, and Manhattan School of Music.  Graduates have found careers in Acting, Technical Theatre, Theatre Design, Ministry, Drama Ministry, Teaching, Business, Law, and numerous other areas.

GCU offers two programs for a degree in theatre: A Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Drama and a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Education (which leads to teaching certification). GCU's College of Fine Arts uses a uniquely cooperative approach where fine arts students are located in one college so they are able to train collaboratively. This type of wraparound training prepares students for a future where their skills are able to cross over into other disciplines. 

In addition to regular classroom studies, students in both degree in theatre programs are encouraged to take part in the University Theatre Series in numerous capacities including onstage and offstage disciplines, thus allowing them to explore the creative process from rehearsal to live performance. This global approach to theatre education training creates a graduate who is multi-faceted and prepared to succeed in today's marketplace.

The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Drama seeks to provide students with the foundation needed to pursue careers in community and professional theatre, the entertainment industry, and/or graduate study. Students are given the opportunity to receive a comprehensive knowledge of theatre history and dramatic literature, as well as practical experience in production and performance.

Grand Canyon University's Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Education, which leads to a K-12 teaching certificate, is designed for students interested in the education of children. This degree in theatre program is designed to train theatre educators and theatre practitioners by blending both the theory and practice of theatre education/performance and its related fields.

Graduates of the Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Education program are prepared to become informed educators in public and private schools and other settings requiring a teaching credential. Students and applicants are responsible for contacting their state department of education for certification requirements and program approval.