Global Studies Portfolio (GSP)

A Global Studies Portfolio (GSP) may be completed in conjunction with a GCU-sponsored mission trip for two (2) or four (4) credits.  Accordingly, a GCU student must apply for and be accepted into a particular GCU mission trip in order to potentially receive course credit by completing a GSP. In order to obtain materials and apply for a GCU mission trip, contact the Office of Spiritual Life:

Mission trips:

What is the purpose of the GSP?
A portfolio is a collection of materials that best illustrate your educational growth and learning. The GSP is designed to demonstrate your educational, spiritual, cultural and personal development as a result of participating in the Christian-based, short-term missions offered by Grand Canyon University.

How can the GSP option be used?
In order to earn credit for participating in a mission trip coordinated by GCU's Office of Spiritual Life, the student must complete one of the university-sponsored mission trips and successfully submit a GSP that will be graded as Pass/Fail by an internal evaluator.  Every student who wishes to attempt to earn credit for a GCU-sponsored mission trip must complete the GSP request form and receive approval from the Center for Learning and Advancement prior to attending the trip. For more information, contact:

Chris Barker
Director of Student Academic Engagement

There is a $90 evaluation fee for each GSP attempt. Each attempt can earn two (2) or four (4) credits, for a max amount of eight (8) credits total over multiple, separate missions. A GSP may count only for elective credits unless otherwise allowed by a particular college to count towards other courses in a program. Prior dean approval is needed for GSP credit to be applied to non-elective coursework. Submission of a portfolio does not guarantee credit. Based on the thoroughness and quality of the portfolio, credit may or may not be granted.

What are the five steps for completing the GSP?

STEP 1: Contact the Office of Spiritual Life and determine which mission trip you would like to attend.
STEP 2: Apply for the GCU-sponsored mission trip that you would like to attend. Check the Mission Trip website for information about the deadlines for applying:
STEP 3: If you are accepted into a GCU-sponsored mission trip, complete the following Global Studies Portfolio (GSP) Request Form and submit it to
The deadline for the request form is Feb. 28 each year for upcoming summer mission trips.
STEP 4: You will be notified by the Center for Learning and Advancement within 10 business days of submission if your request is approved. You will be provided with the GSP at that time.
STEP 5: Attend your GCU-sponsored mission trip and complete the GSP in conjunction with the mission trip. The entire GSP must be submitted within 90 days after returning to the United States and completing the mission trip. Send the GSP electronically to

If you fail your first attempt at submitting a successful GSP, you will have only one more attempt at making improvements and resubmitting for a second evaluation (i.e. a total of two attempts - the first and the second). If you also fail the second submission, you will no longer be eligible to submit a GSP for the same mission trip, but you may submit a new GSP with different artifacts for an alternative mission trip in the future.