Honors Institute

Current Students

While in the Honors Institute, current students will need to complete the three areas of coursework requirements depicted in the table below. The total requirement for transfer students in the honors program is 16-17 honors credits.

Honors Foundation Courses in the College Major Honors Symposia
Two courses (8 credits) in the Honors Foundation portion of the degree program:
  • UNV-306HN*
  • CWV-306HN*
*If a current GCU student has completed UNV-103 or CWV-101 prior to seeking admission into the honors program, this student will need to fulfill these eight (8) honors credits through a contract option in upper-level courses. Plus, the student will need to complete an Honors Orientation Seminar (0 credits) during the first semester.
8-9 credits in the major (2-3 courses, depending on credit model). Click here to view which courses in the college major need to be taken for honors credit.

Note: More credits might need to be fulfilled through the contract option if the student has already fulfilled UNV-103 or CWV-101. See information on left.
Annual symposia (one symposium per year - freshman, sophomore, junior, senior) are required to complete the honors program. See diagram below for an overview of how each symposium is structured. These are all 0-credit courses. The focus of each annual symposium will change based on the five core domains of the honors program:

  • Ethics (Freshman)
  • Research (Sophomore)^
  • Service (Junior)^
  • Leadership (Senior)^
  • Cultural Awareness (Integrated throughout program)
^ Current students will complete the number of symposia that remain upon admittance into the Honors Institute, depending on which year level the student enters the program.

Students analyze the five core honors domains in depth throughout the curriculum by reading texts from the "Great Books" collection as they formulate their own answers to the "Great Questions" of human thought.

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