Honors Institute

Incoming Freshman Application for Admission to the Honors Program

To apply for admission to the GCU Honors Program, the following materials must be submitted:

  • High school transcripts (a total unweighted GPA of 3.8 or higher is preferred).
  • Submission of an Honors Essay - Essays must be type written. Click here for details.
  • Scanned copies of ACT composite score (a score of 27 or above is preferred), or SAT score (combined critical reading and math - a score of 1200 or above is preferred).
  • Two Letters of Recommendation – Letters should be written on behalf of the applicant from high school teachers or counselors. Since our Honors program focuses on servant leadership along with scholarship, it is strongly recommended that applicants also seek out individuals who can speak to community service, employment and leadership. Letters of recommendation are most helpful when each provides new, insightful perspectives regarding the applicant's accomplishments and appropriateness for the program that is not always obvious in the application.
  • Résumé: Your updated résumé to include both employment and community service.
  • (Optional) Submit any additional materials/work products/documentation which allow us to learn more about you as an individual or candidate for this program.

The following documents in PDF format MUST accompany your application:  
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Please Note: Your application does not guarantee acceptance into the Honors Program. Only the top 300 applicants will be admitted in order to maintain the optimal student/faculty/mentor ratios. Acceptance into the Honors program will be by invitation only, based on a review of student’s application materials by the Honors Committee. Incomplete applications will not be considered so please be sure to submit all required materials as outlined above.