Housing FAQs

Student Housing FAQs

You likely have a number of questions regarding student residential living at Grand Canyon University. The following FAQs should answer many of your questions. Your admissions representative is here to help with any additional questions you may have.


Where do new students live on campus?

How will I benefit from living on campus?

What do students do for fun on campus?

Does GCU have co-ed housing?

In what ways can I personalize my room?

When/how do I find out the name and contact information of my future roommate?

How do I live with my friend who is also attending GCU?

What are room and board costs?

What kind of internet access is available on campus?

Is there cable TV?

Are land phone lines available?

Is there air conditioning?

When can I move in?

Do I need to bring coins for laundry facilities?

Can I loft/bunk my bed?

Can I bring my own bed? And/or can I have the University-provided furniture removed from my room?

Can I have my own room?

The residence hall I want is full, is there a waitlist?

When do I choose my meal plan?

Where do I park my car if I live on campus?

Can I store my belongings at GCU over the summer?