Executive MBA vs MBA vs MSL

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Interested in taking your career to the next level? Furthering your education in order to meet your career aspirations is oftentimes a necessary next step. With so many different business degrees to choose from, selecting the degree that best aligns with your career goals can be a challenge. At GCU, we offer a variety of business degrees - including the MBA, EMBA and MSL - and are sure to have one that will help you take your career to the next level.

Executive MBA MBA MSL
A year-long journey prepares graduates to lead, inspire and transform their organizations. Students meeting the prerequisites can earn an MBA with just 34 credits; graduating in only 18 months. Students can complete this 38-credit program in two years or less.
Curriculum Curriculum is divided into nine modules that combine in-person residencies with online instruction. Students will discuss the
formulation and execution
strategies within organizations and how to stay competitive in a global marketplace.
Coursework explores the nature of business leadership models and theories and examines these models through a broad variety of insights and viewpoints.
The EMBA is a lock-step
cohort program, which means students will work with the same classmates throughout the program, allowing them to experience a richer journey.
For an additional 8 credits,
students can earn an MBA
Students will study leadership communication in a crosscultural setting.
The EMBA stimulates discussion and thinking centered on becoming a more effective leader. Students are provided with the capacity for transformational leadership through the application of business practices. Students are provided with the skills necessary to develop professionally and gain self-confidence in their own leadership styles.
What You
Should Know
Executives considering this program should have at least 5 years of leadership experience in any industry. In today's competitive job market, an MBA is highly sought after, and in some cases required to be considered for some executive level positions. The MSL was developed for individuals interested in the
leadership skills involved in
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