About the EMBA Program

Introducing the Ken Blanchard EMBA

If you are a seasoned leader, manager, business owner, administrator, or board member desiring to achieve unprecedented successes as you take on increasing responsibilities, then the time may be right to consider the Ken Blanchard EMBA Program. This highly innovative program has been designed to combine Ken Blanchard's renowned research on values-based leadership with the rigor of a challenging executive-level graduate business education.Ken Blanchard EMBA 

Unlike other Executive MBA programs, the Ken Blanchard EMBA begins and ends with leadership. The first module, 'Leading Self' provides an introspective look at the individual leader and uses a variety of proven self-assessment tools to assist student-executives in identifying areas for further leadership development. The journey continues with subsequent modules on 'Leading Others' at the team and business unit levels and 'Leading Organizations' at the strategic level. A lifetime of Ken Blanchard's captivating work on leadership is integrated throughout the curriculum.

Rather than teaching the business courses from the traditional functional perspective, the Ken Blanchard EMBA uses a unique cross-functional approach that focuses on the often conflicting interests of key stakeholder groups including customers, shareholders, employees, and communities. This unusual teaching approach enables students to develop the critical thinking skills necessary to make the right decisions that create value for customers, keep employees fully engaged, and ensure profitability and sustainability for shareholders.



"The Ken Blanchard Executive MBA program will teach you how to lead at a higher level while improving profitability and job satisfaction within your company. Leading at a higher level is not only about meeting the bottom line; it's also about creating a great human organization where employees feel the significance of what they are doing." ---Ken Blanchard, Ph.D


"Building upon the tradition of excellence at The Ken Blanchard College of Business, the Executive MBA Program gives executives the tools and perspectives they will need to successfully engage in self and organizational leadership in this ever changing global marketplace of the 21st century. "----Brent Richardson, Executive Chairman, Grand Canyon University

"Faculty from the Ken Blanchard College of Business approached CEOs from across the nation to assist in guiding our curriculum design. The CEOs asked for graduates who could solve problems from a cross-functional business approach method, versus a silo specialty framework. Our unique curriculum design, paired with classroom access to our elite advisory board members, provides for a one of a kind experience." ---Dr. Kathy Player, Assistant Provost, Grand Canyon University