Canyon Connect FAQs

Q: Why is Grand Canyon University making this switch to digital content?

  • A:  To make all course materials available to students and faculty through the Learning Management System. Everything you need to be successful in class will be available immediately when you log on to attend class.
  • A: To reduce the cost of course materials to students. At current pricing levels, Canyon Connect will reduce the overall cost of course materials by approximately 25% over the program. This may vary slightly depending on the program in which you are enrolled.
  • A: To continue to provide a high-quality, contemporary education. We live and work in an increasingly electronic world. The education you earn at Grand Canyon will enable you to be confident in your skill at working in this digital world.

Q: What is an eBook?
A: An eBook is an electronic version of a traditional textbook. There are many formats in which an eBook can be delivered. The format Grand Canyon has chosen is Portable Document Format (PDF).

Q:  What software do I need?
A: The same hardware and software requirements for Grand Canyon University apply here. Specifically, Adobe Acrobat Reader version 8.1 or higher is required.

Q: How do I download the eBook?
A: There will be a Canyon Connect page in every class that has digital content. On the Canyon Connect page, there will be a link for each textbook that is used in the course. Simply click the link and save the eBook to your hard drive. There is also a video tutorial on how to download your eBook on each Canyon Connect page.

Q: Can I print the eBook?
A: Yes. Our licensing agreements with publishers enable you to print one copy of the eBook for your personal use.

Q: Can I highlight and make notes in the eBook?
A: Unfortunately, the Adobe Acrobat Reader does not support highlighting and note taking in a protected document. This is one reason why we ensured that you can print the book.

Q: Do I have to be online to read the eBook?
A: You have to be online to unlock the eBook. After you have the book unlocked, you have the option to keep the book unlocked for offline reading.

Q: Can I download the book on different computers?
A: Yes. Each time you download the book on a different computer it will have to be unlocked using your Learning Management System username and password.

Q: What is DRM?
A: DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. This software enables us to protect the content from unauthorized use and/or distribution of the eBooks.

Q: How do I unlock the eBook?
A: Simply type your Learning Management System username and password into the appropriate fields on the cover page of the eBook. When you click 'Login' your username and password will be verified and the book will be unlocked. Remember you must be online the first time you unlock the eBook.

Q: How long is the book available offline?
A: If you keep the book unlocked on your computer it will stay unlocked indefinitely.

Q: Who do I call if I have problems?
A: Please contact technical support during the following hours: M-F, 6am-10pm MST or Sat-Sun, 7am-9pm MST by phone at 800.800.9776 ext. 7200 or submit a ticket online by visiting

Q: What if I want to purchase a hardcopy of the book?
A: The complete citation for the books can be found in your syllabus. If you wish to purchase a hard copy of the book, use the citation to order the book to ensure you get the correct edition. The purchase of a hard copy book will be at your own expense.

Q: Is the APA manual available as an eBook?
A: No, we are unable to license the APA manual as an eBook. The APA manual is a one-time purchase for use throughout your degree program.