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Meet the Tutoring Staff

Elizabeth Baker
English, Writing
Hometown: Yuma, AZ
Major: Elementary Education and Special Education
Hello! My name is Elizabeth Baker but I usually go by Liz. I am an English tutor for Grand Canyon University. I am a double major with elementary education and special education. I consider Yuma my hometown although I was originally born in Alabama and have moved eight times since the day I was born. When I graduate, I plan on moving back to Yuma for at least four years to satisfy the TEACH grant. From there I plan to go wherever the Lord takes me. I chose Grand Canyon University because they have a lovely learning atmosphere and because I didn't have to pay an extensive amount of money. I really enjoy singing, dancing, and acting when I am not tutoring or in the classroom observing.

Debbie Debbie Baldwin
Tutor: Writing, Nursing
Hometown: Peoria, AZ
Major: Nursing
Hello. My name is Debbie Baldwin and I am a new nursing and writing tutor here at the CLA. I am majoring in nursing and plan to graduate with my nursing degree in May 2014. I would like to eventually become an ER or ICU nurse after getting a few years of experience. I chose GCU because I wanted to stay close to home and the Christian emphasis especially attracted me. In my spare time, I like to volunteer at my church teaching kindergartners and preschoolers. I also volunteer at the local hospitals during summer in emergency departments. A fun fact not all know about me is that I was homeschooled through high school and especially love tutoring because I am very comfortable with one-on-one learning.

Dion Benes
Tutor: Statistics
Hometown: Oklahoma
GCU Faculty: KBCOB Business
My name is Dion Benes and I'm excited and delighted to work as a tutor for you. Growing up in a rural area - the "sticks" - of Oklahoma, I yearned to see the exciting world that I read about in my high school classes. My experiences in the classroom for over 30 years were focused towards the traditional lecture/lab mode of instruction; over the past decade or so, my classes evolved to add web-enhancements that would allow me to post course documents, assignments, and grades; the relatively recent enhancements to my courses allow me to collaborate with you to help you achieve your academic goals by facilitating online courses.

"The Center for Learning and Advancement has given me the opportunity to improve my skills as a tutor to help you learn your course objectives in a more effective way."

Nhi Bui
Math, Chemistry
Pre-Pharmacy My name is Nhi Bui. I am a student here at GCU but I am originally from Vietnam. I am a Pre-Pharmacy major and currently tutor in general math and science courses. I hope to graduate with my bachelors in Pre-Pharmacy and then attend pharmacy school to become a Clinical pharmacist. I chose GCU because the university is regionally accredited, it offers a community of dedicated faculty and staff and it emphasizes individual attention for its students. In my free time, I enjoy reading, playing sports and practicing the keyboard and guitar.

Colin De Falco

Christian Studies, Business Statistics
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Major: Christian Studies
My name is Colin De Falco and I am a Christian Studies major here at GCU. I tutor Christian Studies and also help with Business Stats. I wanted to come to GCU because it offered me a degree to help me pursue ministry. After I graduate, I want to become a pastor. I am currently in the process of developing a ministry that supports parents and their dedication to children. I set high goals for myself. When I am not studying, I love to play soccer. I also enjoy traveling and have been to Mexico, Israel and Italy. I love getting to know others and helping them do what God has called them to do.

Kelsey Graner

Nursing Levels 1-2, Writing
Conneaut, Ohio
Nursing My name is Kelsey Graner and I am one of the Nursing tutors here at GCU. I am from Ohio but enjoy it out here in Arizona. I am a nursing major and already in level three of the program. When I graduate, I hope to attend graduate school to become a Nurse Practitioner or Nurse Anesthetist. My goal is to work at a Children's Hospital or in critical care.  I chose GCU because I heard of the excellent nursing program. I also picked this university to be closer to my mother and experience a new place.  When I'm not studying, I like to watch movies or attend GCU sporting events with my roommates. I love to travel and going to the beach.

Kristian Haralson
Kristian Haralson

Tutor: Accounting, Economics, Math, Writing
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Major: Accounting
Hello. My name is Kristian but I go by "Krissi". I am an Accounting major and tutor basic Accounting, Economics, Math and as well as Writing. I enjoy it here in Arizona but I am originally from North Carolina.  After graduation in May 2014, I plan to attend Arizona State University for my Mater's in Accounting. Originally, I attended GCU to become a nurse. I enjoyed that there was no waiting list to begin and class sizes were small. Once I began attending GCU however, I became enthralled with student life, Chapel, the professors and shortly changed my major. When I am not studying or attending events on campus, I enjoy hiking, biking and swimming. I am a very active person in volunteer work at various homeless shelters around the valley. To relax from school, I love to enjoy a movie with my girlfriends and loads of buttered popcorn.

Matthias Karber

Tutor: Health Sciences, Statistics, Writing
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
Major: Bachelors in Biology with Emphasis in Pre-Med Studies
Hey, my name is Matthias Karber and I am Biology major with an Emphasis in Pre-Medicine Studies. I tutor Biology, Chemistry, Bio Stats and English for the Center for Learning and Advancement. I have enjoyed helping friends and classmates if they experienced difficulty understanding the material, so I decided to try out tutoring with the CLA. When I am not tutoring, I like to exercise, hike, lift weights, play football and basketball, cook, sing, socialize, and discuss topics relating to health and sciences. After graduating from Grand Canyon University, I plan on taking the MCAT and then apply to Medical School, or work toward my PSM. I am looking forward to helping GCU students in any way possible.

Kirby Kwok
MAT 110, 134
Hong Kong/Hawaii
Accounting My name is Kirby Kwok. I am from Hong Kong but grew up in Hawaii. I am an Accounting major here at GCU and tutor in general math (MAT 110 and 134). I hope to graduate with my bachelors in Accounting and then expand my education and become a Certified Public Accountant. I chose GCU because of the Christian environment and the awesome opportunities available to me. When I am not studying, you can find me playing basketball in the rec center or in the gym.

Lindsey Michaiski
Nursing Levels 1-2, Pathophysiology
Cave Creek, AZ
Nursing My name is Lindsey Michaiski and I am from Cave Creek Arizona. I currently tutor levels 1 and 2 of nursing as well as med-math, pathophysiology, and writing. I am a Nursing major and have always had the dream of becoming an NICU Nurse. I began my college career at the University of Arizona and after finishing my freshman year, I transferred to GCU. I prefer GCU because of the small, yet growing campus and because it is Christian-based. Something not everyone knows about me is that if I could be anything in the world, I would be a SeaWorld Shamu trainer.

Tyler Minton
Tutor: Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Hometown: Peoria, AZ
Major: Biology/Chemistry
My name is Tyler Minton. I am a student here at GCU and from Peoria, Arizona. I tutor all the basic science classes from biology to chemistry and physics. I am currently a Biology and Chemistry major and when I graduate I hope to attend medical school. Grand Canyon was overall a good school for me for many reasons and I really enjoy the college campus. In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with friends or training to possibly run another marathon.

Simona Oaida

Tutor: Writing, Math
Hometown: Peoria, AZ
Major: Bachelors of Biology with Emphasis on Pre Medicine Studies
My name is Simona Oaida and I am a sophomore in the Pre-Med program at Grand Canyon. Working for the Center for Learning and Advancement is the first professional experience I have tutoring and my subject expertise is university essay writing, APA format, as well as college algebra courses. I am looking forward to helping students as they begin their college studies. After graduation, I will apply for dental school and my dream is to one day open my own practice. When I am not tutoring for the CLA, I enjoy playing volleyball and soccer, singing, playing guitar, and spending time with family and friends.

Tyler Owings
Undergraduate Writing, English
Corpus Christi, TX
Sports Management
My name is Tyler Owings. I am a student here at GCU and from Corpus Christi, Texas. I tutor undergraduate level writing and English courses. I am currently a Sports Management major and after I graduate I plan on further pursuing my career and spending some time traveling. I enjoy GCU because of the Christian environment and all the positive students and faculty. When I am not tutoring you can find me constantly on the go whether it is playing sports, cycling or spending time with friends and family.
Ricky Poliak

Tutor: Bio-Statistics, Basic Algebra
Hometown: Greece
Major: Pre-Med
Hi. My name is Ricky Poliak and I am a new tutor here in the CLA. I am originally from Greece which is something interesting about me. I am a Pre-Med student that tutors basic algebra but mainly biomedical statistics. After my education here at Grand Canyon, I plan on going to Med School. I first came to GCU because of the scholarship and grant opportunities. I also enjoy how this campus is a Christian University. When I am not tutoring or studying, I am usually hanging out with my girlfriend and or friends. I love math and science and also stay educated by reading.

Kayla Post

Phoenix, AZ
My name is Kayla Post and I am from Phoenix, Arizona. I tutor writing. I currently am a nursing major and plan on becoming an intensive care unit pediatrics nurse or a labor and delivery nurse. While working as an RN, I am going to attend graduate school where I will obtain my master's degree to become a nurse practitioner. I chose GCU because of the excellent passing rate for nursing students and because it has constantly given me the chance to explore and enhance my faith. If I am not studying, you may find me outdoors. I love to ride horses and used to run cross country. I play the violin, cello, and some piano. Something fun about me is that on the day of an exam I like to put a four-leaf clover as my screen saver for good luck!
Emily Wagner

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Major: Education
My name is Emily Wagner and I work here at the front desk. I am from Arizona and went to high school at Mountain Ridge. I chose GCU because it is a great school that offers lots of opportunities and I like how the class sizes are smaller. I plan on graduating in fall 2014. After my education here, I hope to get a job as a teacher as well as get the chance to travel. My hobbies include drawing, writing, and reading. I also enjoy running and going on bike rides. My family is very important to me, and most of my free time is spent with them!