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Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Below is the list of topics, times and days for Student Success Webinars that will be offered through the Learning Lounge. These webinars will provide useful information, tips, tricks and strategies to help students become more efficient and successful! You can register by clicking the link of the time and day that is best for you.

Once registered you will receive an email confirming your registration with information you need to join the webinar.

Click here for the ThinkingStorm Webinar Series.

University Writing Orientation

Gain the skills necessary to produce a well written essay at the university level starting at the beginning and moving through the entire writing process


Test Taking Strategies

Find out how to effectively prepare for university level exams.

Effective Study Strategies

Students can learn how to review material and effectively study for exams.

Reading Strategies for Success

Students have the opportunity to learn comprehension strategies for high level reading at the university level.

Effective Note Taking Techniques

Learn how to take effective notes and get the most out of your lectures. 


Time Management Skills

This webinar will focus on discussing various time management strategies to help you better balance the many demands you have on your time.