Writing Center

The Lounge Writing Center is a free resource for all Grand Canyon University students in both traditional and nontraditional programs. The Lounge services the needs of each individual student at any academic level, including students from undergraduate, graduate or at the doctoral level. The peer LEADs encourage students through the development of thoughtful and effective writing, as well as offer suggestions for continued improvement. 

Benefits of Writing Help
All writers-all GCU undergraduate or graduate students-can benefit from visiting the Lounge Writing Center to:

  • Identify, brainstorm and research your areas of the topic
  • Organize and structure a paper; plan and organize the assignment
  • Research academically credible resources and cite them appropriately
  • Draft, brainstorm and go over important grammar points  
  • Learn how to use the Turnitin resource

Schedule an Appointment for Writing Help
Appointments can be scheduled online.

The Lounge Writing Center encourages students to make an appointment 3-7 days before an assignment due date. Although we also suggest 2-3 sessions a week, students may receive two 30-minute appointments of free writing help per day and can schedule every day for up to two weeks in advance and based on LEAD availability.

Online Writing Help
Need help with writing but can't get to campus? Online services are accessible anywhere you have an Internet connection. To schedule an online LEAD session simply indicate when reserving your session that you would prefer an online appointment.

Additional Resources

Although these links serve as a good starting point for getting extra independent help, any student struggling with course content should always contact their instructor, Student Services Advisor, or book an appointment with the Lounge writing tutor for more guidance.

For more resources related to the GCU writing style templates, writing an executive summary, creating effective PowerPoints and examples of different writing assignments from the curriculum, please review the Writing Center in your LoudCloud classroom. This can be accessed by clicking the Student Success Center tab in your course.