LoudCloud Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What LoudCloud Training materials are available?
A: We have a student video tutorial available here 
We also have a side by side interactive comparison of ANGEL and LoudCloud available here 

Q: How do I get to LoudCloud?
A: You will access your LoudCloud course through the Portal, the same as your previous ANGEL classes.
Q: What is the number of the Tech Support line dedicated to LoudCloud issues?
A: It is 877-428-8447 or 602-639-7200.

Q: How can I provide feedback on the LoudCloud LMS?
A: We have a dedicated email address for feedback: DL-LC-Feedback@gcu.edu 

Q: How do students access LoudCloud?
A: Students can access LoudCloud by browsing to http://my.gcu.edu. Click the 'Student Portal' button. Enter the username and password obtained through https://accounts.gcu.edu to log in to the Student Portal. Once on the Student Portal homepage, click the link for your course in the 'My Courses' box.

Q: How do faculty access LoudCloud?
A:Faculty can access LoudCloud by browsing to  http://myfaculty.gcu.edu. Click the 'Faculty Portal' button. Enter the username plus @canyon.com, for example jsmith02@canyon.com and the password obtained through https://accounts.gcu.edu to log in to the Faculty Portal. Once on the Faculty Portal homepage, click the link for your course in the 'My Courses' box.

Q: Where do I post my biography?
A: Biographies are now posted on the Class Wall. The Class Wall can be found under the ‘Connect' tab in your LoudCloud classroom.

Q: How do I post to the discussion forums?
A: To access the Discussion Forums, click the Forums link under the ‘Tasks' tab. There are four types of Discussion Forums: the Main Forum, Color-based Team Forums, Individual Forums, and the Questions for Instructor Forum. The Main Forum is where the weekly module discussions take place.
In addition to accessing the Discussion Forums from the Tasks tab, the discussion forums can be accessed from the Course Homepage in the bottom left corner.

Q: How do I spell check my posts?
A: To spell check your Forum posts, type your post and then click the spell check button.

Q: How do I post my assignments?
A: To access the assignments pages, select Assignments from the ‘Tasks' tab. To view the details of an assignment, click on the link to the assignment. The corresponding Assignment page will display the assignment details at the top, including the due date and a description of the assignment. Click View Rubric to review how the assignment will be graded. Note: not all assignments will have a rubric.


Once you are ready to post your assignment, click New Attempt. Enter the title of your paper into the title field and then click Browse. Find where you saved your file, click Open, and then click Save. Next click Submit to submit your assignment to Turnitin. Your similarity index will post within one hour of your submission. Review your originality report by clicking View Report, make any necessary changes to your paper, and click New Attempt to upload the most recent version of your paper. If you make changes, you will need to submit your paper to Turnitin again. Once you are ready to submit the final paper, click Submit. Final submission will display the date it was submitted.

Q: How do I access my grades and instructor feedback?
A:To access your grades, click Gradebook from the Reports tab. Next, click on the specific module week you wish to review. You can also access current assignment grades from the Course Home Page in the Performance metrics box.
To access your instructor's feedback on your assignments, select Assignment from the Tasks tab. Click on All and select the week for the assignment or assignments you would like to review your feedback for. Click the link for your assignment and scroll to the bottom. You will see your instructor's feedback, can download your paper with your instructor's notes, and can review your grading rubric.

Q: How do I edit or delete my discussion post?
A: LoudCloud does not currently allow students to edit or delete your forum posts after they are submitted. We recommend you use the Save As Draft feature to save posts that require further editing or research. Your draft will not be seen by others in your class until you have clicked the post, edited it, and clicked Post Reply. You can also delete the post by clicking the Delete link so long as it is in Draft form.

Q: Where is Course Mail?
A: The Individual Forum replaces the former Course Mail in ANGEL and helps you easily keep track of communications since it is all available at-a-glance right inside your classroom. Rest assured that all communication that takes place in your Individual Forum is completely private between you and the individual you posted the message to.

Q: How do I print lecture notes?
A: There are not print versions of the lecture notes available in LoudCloud at this time. To print your lecture notes, we recommend that you copy the lecture notes into Word and print them from the Word document.
To copy your lecture notes, highlight the entire lecture note in LoudCloud. Press the CTRL and C keys on your keyboard to copy the lecture notes. Open a Word document and press CTRL and V keys on your keyboard. Adjust the font style and size to your own personal preferences.

Q: Why does my discussion question still show it is overdue after I submitted it?
A: Our LoudCloud team is currently developing a way for the discussion forums and calendar to interact. In the meantime, disregard the overdue message on the calendar.  

Q: Why won't my assignment attach?
A: Be sure that your assignment file size in no larger than 5 megabytes. Also make sure that your assignment title does not include any special characters such as & or $.
We recommend naming your assignment files as your course, module, and last name. For example: LDR640_Mod8_Smith.doc