Meet with a Tutor Today!

Need to work with a tutor? Unable to get an appointment for today? We can help!

If another student cancels an appointment or if a tutor has availability, the Remind101 text messaging system will text you the available time and the name of the tutor.   

Simply call the GCU Learning Lounge at 602-639-8901 when you receive the text message. A tutor will return your call within a few minutes to begin your session.  

Sign up to receive tutoring alerts for a specific subject by texting the appropriate code to 786-393-6772.

Code Subject
@acchelp for Accounting
@GCULL for Writing
@mathwalk for Mathematics
@statshelp for Statistics
@finhelp for Finance
@gcuscience for Science

After your course is complete, text the word STOP to 786-393-6772 to remove yourself from the list.  

GCU provides one hour of free tutoring per day to every student, but you can receive more tutoring time by using our text messaging system. Appointments made using Remind101 do not count as part of the daily hour of free tutoring. You'll have up to 30 minutes of additional tutoring for every appointment you make through the Remind101 system!  

Learn more about the GCU Learning Lounge:  

*Standard text messaging rates may apply