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Welcome Week 2011

Fitness Classes available at the Recreation and Fitness Center

A wide range of fitness classes are offered in the Recreation and Fitness Center. Please contact the Recreation Center for a current schedule.

Boot Camp All Levels

This class is designed to challenge the entire body. Endurance weight lifting combined with exercises such as lunges, squats, running and plyometrics are used to get the heart rate pumping and challenge all of your muscles.

Circuit Training

A class for all levels looking to include cardio and strength training with a various number of stations set up throughout the studio. The class will not only challenge you, but it will push you and make you stronger.

Extreme Conditioning

Ready to take your fitness to the next level? This class is designed to push you to your limits! Look forward to cardio conditioning, muscular and core strengthening, plyometric drills, distance running, sprints, and much more! Expect to increase your endurance, strength, agility and speed, along with your self-esteem and well being!


A fusion of Pilates and Yoga, this is a class that's sure to build strength and generate some great sweat! Focused on core work and training the body to use multiple muscle groups together to support movement and build strength, PiYo is a great compliment to any workout routine. Benefits of this class include core and strength training and flexibility.

Strength Endurance Training

Short on time? Get a great cardio & strength work out in one hour. Strength Endurance Training combines a three minute, high intensity cardio drill followed by a three minute strength training section. You'll hit all the major muscle groups with squats, chest press, back rows, lunges, biceps, triceps and abs and complementary cardio.

Turbo Kickboxing

Turbo is one of the most fun cardio classes out there. Heart-pumping, high-intensity cardio kickboxing choreography paired with great music will have you sweating and having fun!

Holy Yoga Level I

A focus on fundamental postures of traditional yoga. Which work through breath work and alignments to increase strength and flexibility, benefiting any experience level. All with the intention of worship and meditating on scripture.

Total Tang Soo Do (karate) "Spirit, Soul, and Body"

This is a traditional martial arts program with specific standard and goals designed to help each student maximize his or her potential as an individual, as well as a martial artist. Through traditional Tang Soo Do training you will find many opportunities to gain specific knowledge which will apply not only in your martial arts training but, also in the improvement of your daily quality of life.

Performance Training

Take your fitness to the next level in this total body conditioning class lead by our Athletic Performance Coaches. Train like the athletes as you burn lots of calories. Two classes will be offered, A 30 minute performance Bootcamp held at lunch and a 60 minute class held in the morning and evening.