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Prospective Students

Department of Public Safety

Grand Canyon University's (GCU) Department of Public Safety understands the concerns students and staff have with regard to their safety, and our goal is to provide a safe and secure environment. 

To ensure that students, staff, and their possessions are protected as much as possible, we have developed a policy and set of procedures with your maximum safety in mind. These include but are not limited to the following: 

  • ID cards
  • Parking privileges and vehicle decals
  • Controlling access points for campus

This system also includes an intentional awareness program that helps students, faculty, and staff recognize a situation or incident and provide them with the education and tools to take the proper steps. 

For the Department of Public Safety, a safe campus is our main goal. Following and obeying all security policies will help to ensure that GCU stays safe for everyone.  Please download the Campus Emergency Procedure manual.

ID Cards
All Grand Canyon University students and staff are responsible for obtaining a GCU ID card. Your ID is required to be carried at all times when on campus and will help you gain access to campus facilities. The Department of Public Safety has the right to request your ID at any time. 

Visitor Access to Campus
Anyone who brings a guest to Grand Canyon University is responsible for making relevant University regulations known to them and must accept the responsibility for their conduct during their visit. 

Parking Privileges and Vehicle Decals
GCU students, faculty, and staff are required to have a parking decal to park on campus. Student decals can be obtained at no cost with current proof of insurance. The traffic laws on campus are the same as off campus. Due to the high concentration of pedestrian traffic, the speed limit on campus is 15 mph. All other ordinances, rules, and regulations of the State of Arizona, the City of Phoenix, and GCU with adopted amendments will be enforced 24hrs a day. The operation of your motor vehicle on campus is a privilege granted by the University administration and is revocable at anytime. Please exercise a conscious effort to watch your speed and drive defensively. 

Parking Agreement and Rules

Vehicle Problems
Starting or pushing vehicles, providing air or water for your vehicle, and other reasonable assistance required to aid the temporarily stranded motorist. 

Escort Program
Providing an escort by request. (ex. from your campus workplace/class to your car or other facility) 

For Assistance
Please call 602.639.8100. Be sure to give your name, location, and destination. 

Where are we?
Our main office is in Building 9. The main gate is at 33rd Avenue, and an officer is always present. Throughout the day we have several officers that are on mobile patrol. 

Safety Records
To view a copy of our safety records, visit GCU at the US Department of Education site

View the 2009 GCU Cleary Act Report

To report a crime or suspicious activity - call 602-639-8100