Withdraw from Housing

Prospective Students

Withdraw from Housing

To withdraw from University housing, complete an Intent to Vacate form, which requires you to obtain signatures from your RA, RD and Director of Residence Life. You must also schedule and complete a check-out appointment with your RA prior to moving out. Failure to do so will result in an improper check-out fine of $150 as well as other possible fines and cleaning fees. See Checking-Out for more details on the check-out process. Students withdrawing for the following semester must check out no later than the semester's contract end date.

Changing your Room Assignment

In an effort to establish community and provide a smooth transition into the academic year, residents are expected to remain in assigned rooms for the duration of the semester except in extreme circumstances. To request a room change, a Room Change Request Form must be submitted to the appropriate Resident Director. Residents residing in a private room and paying semi-private rates will have the option to remain in their room or be assigned a roommate.

If you are approved for a room change at the end of the semester, you must completely move into your new unit prior to the closing of the residence halls for break to ensure that the space you vacate is prepared for a new resident. Any room changes made without permission may result in fines or disciplinary action. Room change requests made due to roommate conflict will not be approved without first attempting roommate mediation with a staff member.

Checking out of your Room

Please follow this procedure prior to checking out of your room:

  1. Notify your RA that you want to move and complete the Room Change or Intent to Vacate form.
  2. Schedule a check-out appointment with your RA.
  3. Prior to your appointment, pack your belongings, return the furniture to its original configuration and thoroughly clean your room or apartment (vacuum, dust, remove trash, etc.).
  4. At the check-out appointment, your RA will complete the check-out portion of your inventory form. If there have been any changes in the condition of your residence or if cleaning is required, charges will be added to your student account.
  • Failure to remove all belongings prior to the check-out appointment or failure to clean may result in an improper check-out fine as well as additional cleaning fees.   
  • Failure to be ready for your check-out appointment or leaving without following the check-out procedure will result in a minimum fine of $150.