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Military Tuition and Fees

Grand Canyon University offers many benefits and opportunities to veterans and those currently enlisted in our nation's armed military services. From tuition and fee reduction programs to veteran affairs benefits and call to active duty/deployment opportunities; GCU believes that every student deserves the right to fulfill his or her own dreams in pursuing a college degree.

Military Rates

Professional Studies and Online Students Only

In order to support those who are currently serving or have served in the military, Grand Canyon University offers a special military rate per credit hour.

Undergraduate - Active Duty & Active Reserve                $250.00/credit
Graduate - Active Duty and Active Reserve $385.00/credit  

Necessary Documents

To receive this special rate you must be attending online and provide a Memorandum of Understanding with your application for Admission. In addition, you must include one of the following items, dependant on your status

  • Military Transcripts
  • DD-214 (Discharge of Duties)
  • Letter from Commanding Officer
  • VA Letter Certifying Military Service
  • Benefit Documentation (TA form, COE, VA form 1905)
  • Copy of Military Orders

Please contact your Enrollment Counselor for more information.

*Rates applicable to Professional Studies and Online Students

Continuing Teacher Education Courses

Grand Canyon University is the educator's preferred choice for continuing education.   Whatever your needs - recertification, licensure, endorsements or to move up the pay scale, earn 3 Graduate Credits in 3 Weeks.  All courses are taught online. 

Course  Credits Price
Continuing Teacher Education Courses                                                  3 Credits                    $150