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Request Transcripts from Grand Canyon University

There are four ways current and former students are able to request transcripts from Grand Canyon University.

Before a transcript is requested students must:

  • Clear all the holds on their account
  • Have a zero balance on their student account

1. Student Portal

You must have a student account in order to log in and be able to pay for the processing fee with a credit card. Your request will be processed and mailed the following business day. Students can reset their log in information by visiting

Please note: GCU processes transcripts requested online within 24 business hours of the request submission. If you are waiting for your degree to be posted or for a certain class to show as completed, you should not request your official transcript until you are certain these actions have occurred.

2. Phone

Transcripts can be ordered by phone by contacting your Student Service Advisor (SSA). If you do not have the contact information for your SSA, please call 800-800-9776  to be connected to the next available SSA. Your request will be processed and mailed within one business day. 

3. Email/Fax

Email the transcript request form below and any documentation to: or fax the form to the Office of Academic Records at 602-589-2079 or 877-218-6668. Your request will be processed in three business days.

4. Mail

Mail the transcript request form below along with your payment to:

Grand Canyon University
Attn: Office of Academic Records
P.O. Box 11097
Phoenix, AZ 85061

Your request will take three weeks to be processed.

All student inquiries about the status of a request can be made by calling 800-800-9776 and speaking with a Student Service Advisor.