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We invite you to schedule your next appointment with the Grand Canyon University- Center for Learning & Advancement using our Online Appointment System.   

To schedule your Appointment

Visit our online appointment scheduling system 

Please have the following information available:

  • Indicate whether you want an on-campus or an online session.
  • Student ID #
  • Assignment Requirements
  • Specific questions related to your content

On Campus Sessions: The CLA is located on the southeast end of campus in the Williams Building. Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment to check-in.

Online Sessions: Log on to your computer, your student portal, and have your email open before the start of your session.  The tutor will call you at the specified time. 

All sessions are 25 minutes long and are scheduled for the "Arizona Time Zone"

Cancelations / No Shows

  • Cancelation- A student's session must be canceled up to 4 hours prior to scheduled session.
  • No Show- Student does not show up to the session or was not available to be reached by telephone or email. 

Students will no longer have access to CLA tutoring for the duration of that term after 3 no shows/term.

For online appointments, please call the CLA at 602.639.8901, if you are not called in the first five minutes of your session.

Test Proctoring

The Center for Learning & Advancement is able to provide facilities for proctoring tests, to assist ground professors with students who need to make up an exam or who require additional accommodations. Below is the process that faculty should follow when requesting proctoring assistance from the CLA.

STEP 1: Set-up Appointment and Bring Test Materials

  • The CLA now offers a way to book an appointment online  for test proctoring. Type in the following link to set up an appointment online for the date and time you would like to schedule. Enter your faculty information. In the memo space provided, enter the student's information along with any special requests or time limits.

STEP 2: Send Test Materials

  • Please include cover sheet with exam materials and provide multiple versions if proctored to more than one student. 
  • The faculty member will personally drop off the test material at the CLA prior to the test time, preferably 24 hours in advance. Faculty may also email the exam to

STEP 3: Notify Student

  • The faculty member will notify the student of the time and location to take the proctored test.
  • The location will be in the Center for Learning & Advancement, Bldg. #35 (KBCOB).

*Please contact your academic counselor for specific questions about your individual course or program.