As a Christian University, we are strongly committed to serving others on a local, national and global level to make an impact to last a lifetime. GCU’s four pillars, doctrinal statement and vision and mission statements all promote leadership in community outreach. As such, we invite our students, alumni and employees to exemplify our school’s vision outside of the classroom…no matter where you are!

During the month of February we invite you to represent GCU by participating in community outreach in your city. We challenge you to help GCU reach 10,000 hours of service throughout our communities.

Anyone who is a part of the GCU family can serve! There are a wide variety of outreach programs available to partake in. Click here to learn more. However, you are more than welcome to complete outreach with an organization that has personal meaning to you or that you are currently involved in.

How to Get Involved

Get involved and positively represent your school! Below are the steps to participate.

1. Decide where you want to volunteer!

2. Register! Please complete the registration form prior to your service.

3. Take Thunder with you! Print this picture of Thunder Lope, our school mascot. While completing your service we ask that you take a picture with Thunder and share your story with us!

4. Go serve your city! (And take a picture with Thunder while you are there!)

5. Send us your picture and a short story about your experience.

6. We will then share your stories and pictures on GCU’s Facebook page and a few will be selected to be in GCU Today!