Student Leadership / Discipleship

Grand Canyon stStudent Leadershipudents have a variety of opportunities to get involved in spiritual leadership and discipleship. Students can seek discipleship through the Life Leader program on campus, which provides mentorship and small group community for residential and commuter students. There are also several student leader positions available through the Office of Spiritual Life that afford students the opportunity to serve on campus, in the local community, and/or in a global capacity as they are trained and developed under the Spiritual Life staff.

Life Leaders exist to intentionally provide Christian leadership that is focused upon building relationships with both Christian and non-Christian students throughout the ground campus. Life Leaders hold weekly Bible studies, meet with students individually as needs arise and intentionally connect with the students in their sphere of influence (living area, classes, campus events, athletics, and so on) in hopes that the Lord will use them to make an impact in His Kingdom as He sees fit.