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Mission - Vision - Values

Grand Canyon University offers weekly student-led small groups called Life Groups in every living area. Life Groups are places for students to form relationships, build community and grow spiritually through studying the Bible.

Life Groups are overseen by GCU staff, but are led by student leaders called Life Leaders. These student leaders teach and lead their Life Groups as well as make themselves available for prayer, spiritual counsel and support.


Our mission is to develop Christian leaders and teach the Bible to the GCU community. This is accomplished through one-on-one mentoring and student-led small group Bible studies.


Our vision is to see students come to a greater knowledge of Christ, living sacrificially to further his Kingdom.


Life Leaders hold these values as foundational for accomplishing our mission:

  • Preparation - Prioritizing personal study and devotional time, ongoing education and leadership training
  • Christian Community - Exhibiting the fruits of the Spirit, local church involvement, integration with other leadership groups on campus
  • Stewardship - Honoring God by how we manage our material and non-material resources
  • Consistency - Keeping commitments, follow-through

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend Life Groups?
Any current traditional campus student at GCU can attend a Life Group.

Can commuters attend Life Groups?
Absolutely! We even have some Life Groups scheduled at times that may work well with your unique schedules.

Do I have to attend the Life Group in my hall?
While we hope the Life Group in your hall will be a good fit, you are welcome to attend any of the Life Groups on campus.

Are Life Groups coed?
Not at this time. We have specific groups for men and women.

How do I become a Life Leader?
Your Life Leader will guide you through the application process that begins each December.

How can I find a Life Group?
Look for flyers on your hall or ask your RA who your Life Leader is!

Do I have to start coming to Life Group at the beginning of the semester?
You are welcome at Life Group any time, even if you haven't been previously attending.

For more information on Life Groups please email or fill out the interest form below.