Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program

Mentorship is a useful resource to introduce new students to University life and broaden their understanding of all that GCU has to offer. GCU's voluntary Mentor Program connects first-year GCU students with mentors who are knowledgeable about the university. The goal of this program is to ease the high school to college transition. The program works alongside a student's normal college experience, not interfering with their schedules and extracurricular interests.

It is important that students complete their applications themselves so they can be appropriately matched with a mentor.

How the GCU Mentor Program works 

  • Freshmen apply to the GCU Mentor Program online and are matched over the summer with a current GCU student or faculty mentor.
  • Each mentor contacts their mentee over the summer to confirm their participation and remind them about upcoming events.
  • The Mentor Program occurs each year from September to April.  
  • Mentees can expect to incorporate being a part of the Mentor Program into their normal student life. The program is designed to ease the transition to college by having a mentor provide support, answer questions, and point first-year students in the right direction.
  • Mentees are invited to meet their peer mentor, faculty/staff mentor and the other first-year students in their mentorship group at our Mentor Program Kickoff during Welcome Week.


  • Each mentor follows up with his/her mentee after the Mentor Program Kickoff to arrange meetings throughout the semester.
  • Mentees choose when and how frequently they would like to meet each month. Mentors are required to meet regularly with mentees (at least once a month) and provide our staff with feedback on a monthly basis.
  • In addition to the Mentor Program Kickoff, mentees are invited to a series of programs and events planned especially for them by our staff. These events will be communicated through emails, newsletters and reminders from their mentors.

Program benefits for first year students 

  • Immediate connection with a GCU student, faculty or staff member who can offer their knowledge about campus life and answer questions
  • Friendly advice in a supportive environment
  • Informal one-on-one and group guidance
  • Fun activities, programs and events about broad aspects of campus life that are little or no cost to participants
  • Meeting other first-year students who share the same academic and extra-curricular interests
  • Making worthwhile connections to faculty and staff
  • Making the college experience more intimate by learning about campus, community resources and activities during the first semester

Why Consider Mentorship?

Going away to college can be an exciting time, yet many students also are apprehensive about the various challenges that await them upon entrance to college. Being active in Mentorship exposes you to many great opportunities that first-year students don't notice until their sophomore or junior year. Mentorship is also a great program that starts you on the path of networking with students, faculty and staff who can help you make the most of your undergraduate career.

Mentorship connects you with upper-class students who remember what it means to be a new student on campus. These students represent a multitude of majors, student organizations and backgrounds. GCU faculty and staff also generously donate their time and expertise to help you get acclimated.

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