Latino Student Union

Latino Student Union

The Latino Student Union formed as a way to promote the diversity on GCU campus. The club has 4 pillars: Empowerment, Leadership, Scholarships and Fun! We are active in the local community and possess a vision of our neighborhoods. LSU works to empower students through workshops, stories, culture and support. We are working to award our very first scholarship to a fellow club member and incoming student by the Spring Semester of 2012.

To create awareness and expand knowledge of Latin American cultures on our campus. A major club objective is to support an organized student body that would be able to take leadership on our campus and community in order to promote social responsibility and engage in public affairs. Ultimately, LSO seeks that each and every club member finish the year more confident and empowered than when they joined.

Meeting Time and Location
Meetings occur bi-weekly on Fridays at 5:00pm in classroom COE 106

Officer Information
Alely Ponce-Moreno

Edgar Toledo

Miriam Acero