GCU Student Leadership Applications 2014

Incoming Freshman and Transfer Student Worship Team Application

Worship Team: Students who are selected for worship team scholarships should demonstrate an active relationship with Jesus, as they are servant leaders who will facilitate worship for students and staff. These students should also be gifted and experienced in the scholarship position they apply for, be it vocal, drums, sound tech, etc. Both spiritual leadership and musical ability will be essential components in selecting student leaders who will serve in the worship teams.

Please note that students are only eligible for one leadership position (i.e. a student cannot be a RA as well as a member of a worship band).

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Spiritual Life Student Leadership
Spiritual Life
We believe God has uniquely placed students in a position to influence their peers for the sake of Christ as they go to class, live in dorms and work alongside other college students. Because of this, Spiritual Life scholarships enable our students to receive training and discipleship from professional staff that prepares them to make impact for the kingdom of God at GCU, in the local community and globally.

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Residence Life Student Leadership
Residence Life
We believe that Residence Life gives students the unique opportunity to build relationships, shape their worldview by living amongst people with distinct cultural backgrounds, grow in their communication skills and establish lifelong friendships. Residence Life scholarships exist to teach students how to facilitate community, partner in creating and maintaining safe living areas and provides opportunities for their own growth and development as they are trained by professional staff.

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Student Engagement & ASGCU Student Leadership
Student EngagementASGCU
Every leadership position through Student Engagement, including ASGCU (student government), Activities and Intramurals, play an active role in building and leading the community at GCU. Student Engagement Staff will come alongside leaders to prepare and equip them to serve others through their relationship with Christ by providing programs, events and service opportunities to the students of GCU.

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