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Student Affairs: Student Leader Policies

Student Leader Agreement:

All Student Service student leaders are required to read and abide by the Student Leader Agreement, which outlines Student Leader Values and Student Leader Commitments (see page 2). Violation of the Student Leader agreement may result in consequences such as probation or removal from a student leadership position.

GPA Requirement:

Each student leader serving in a leadership role will be expected to maintain a GPA that reflects a commitment to academic success. Because of this standard, the Student Service Offices will not hire or award scholarships to students who do not meet the GPA requirements at the time they apply. Furthermore, if a current student leader's GPA falls below the standard, the staff overseeing that student has the option to put that leader on academic probation for one semester. If, after that semester of probation, the student has not brought their GPA up to the level required by their position, they will be removed from leadership. In cases that are severe, staff members may choose to forgo the probationary period all together and remove a student from his or her position immediately.

Chapel Participation:

Student Leaders are required to register for the chapel for credit class each semester that they are a leader, and fulfill the necessary requirements to obtain credit for the class.


All student leaders who live in campus housing will be required to live with a roommate, unless a reasonable circumstance prevents a student leader from doing so. Roommate waivers will be granted at the discretion of the Department of Residence Life in accordance with housing policies.

Life Leader & RA Housing:

Students in these positions will be places in housing by their staff members, and will be required to live together in the same dorm suite or apartment. These leaders will be designated as suitemates and will need to choose their roommates when they accept their scholarship position. The living areas in which these leaders are placed is at the discretion of the staff members who oversee the Life Leader and RA positions. Staff members may choose to make exceptions to this policy when a reasonable explanation is presented, such as a student leader with a disability or a married student leader.

Driving for Medical Purposes: 

Student Leaders should not drive other students with medical needs to a hospital, urgent care, or other medical facility. In case of an emergency, student leaders are to call 911, contact campus security, and notify the Resident Director (RD) who is on duty. If the medical issue is not an emergency, then student leaders are to encourage students to find another means of transportation.

Scholarship Caps:

The Student Services Department supports the policies of GCU as a whole, and will uphold the scholarship limits set forth by the university. There is not an appeal process for going over the cap, and scholarships that are awarded by the Student Services Department are only applied to a student's account if the scholarship does not cause a student to go over the cap. Scholarships may be partially applied to a student's account if their financial packages allows (ex: If a student is awarded a $4,000 scholarship, but only needs $2,000 before meeting the cap, the student can choose to accept the scholarship and apply the $2,000 to their account). 


Student Leader Values

Honest, Sincere, Trustworthy

Meek, Repentant, Submissive

Accountable, Diligent, Reliable

Innocent, Undefiled, Virtuous


Student Leader Commitments

GCU Student Leaders are expected to:

  1. Enroll in the Chapel for Credit Course and fulfill the requirements to receive credit
  2. Support the policies of  the University Catalog, Policy Handbook and Student Handbook
  3. Participate in all educational/leadership initiatives
  4. Maintain full-time undergraduate student status
  5. Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5
  6. Refrain from sexual activity outside of marriage
  7. Abstain from alcohol if under 21 and drunkenness regardless of age or location