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GCU AZHOSA stands for Grand Canyon University Chapter of Arizona Health Occupations Students of America. It is the largest pre-health organization on campus made up of all the majors in the College of Health Sciences. Any student within the College of Health Sciences is welcome to join!

What is the mission of GCU AZHOSA?

Being part of the national organization of Health Occupations Students of America GCU AZHOSA follows its mission "to enhance the delivery of compassionate, quality health care by providing opportunities for knowledge, skill and leadership development of all health science technology education students, therefore, helping students to meet the needs of the health care community." Within this mission, GCU AZHOSA's aim is to help pre-health students define their purpose in the health care arena and get to where they want to go. GCU AZHOSA focuses on the five strategy areas of Public Service, Student Community, Academic Excellence, Fundraising, and GCU AZHOSA Development.

Why should I join GCU AZHOSA?

In today's competitive application world in addition to good grades and test scores successful applicants have leadership, volunteer, and health care experience. GCU AZHOSA can help provide some of these experiences. In addition to gaining experience, GCU AZHOSA connects you with your peers and to the pre-health community at GCU.

How do I join GCU AZHOSA?

Fill out the membership form and turn it in to the student worker in the front office of the College of Health Sciences (located in the Tell Science Building next to the computer lab).  There is a $40 fee to join. Cash only please.

What specific opportunities does GCU AZHOSA offer?

Leadership opportunities are available through serving as a GCU AZHOSA officer, serving as a state or national HOSA officer, being a GCU AZHOSA chairperson for one of the strategy areas, or being a GCU AZHOSA Student Ambassador. Competition and award opportunities are offered through the state and national HOSA conferences. Scholarship opportunities and internships are also offered through HOSA National to all HOSA members. Health care and professional development opportunities are offered through GCU AZHOSA meetings and scheduled professional tours. Last, various volunteer opportunities are offered year round.

How can I find out more information?

First, find and "like" our chapter on Facebook at or check out, or

Opportunities available through HOSA:  

Leadership Opportunities:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Historian
  • Secretary
  • Committee Chairs
  • Committee Members
  • Student Mentors
  • GCU AZHOSA Ambassador
  • State HOSA Office
  • National HOSA Office


Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Save the Family
  • American Heart Association
  • GCU Fall Festival
  • Serve the City Day
  • Team of Physicians for Students [TOPS]
  • Red Cross Blood Drive
  • Goodwill


State and National Competitive Event and Award Opportunities:

And more....visit for the complete list of the competitive events offered!

Professional Development Opportunities:


  • TGen Tour
  • Barrow Tour
  • Career Readiness Workshops
  • Study Sessions
  • Mentoring
  • Speaker Series
  • Internship in the Office of the Surgeon General



2011-2012 Officers:

Nicole Swartwout

Vice President

Joshua Ostrand

Jessica Barajas

Robert Sandoval

Lindsey Scott

GCU AZHOSA Faculty Advisors:

Haley Peebles

Donna Gerakos