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Welcome Week 2012

New Student Tutorials

Walk to Class  - This tutorial walks students through account set-up and logging in to the ANGEL classroom, the features of the classroom, and introduces students to the common tasks they will complete throughout class such as posting in the discussion forums and submitting assignments.

If you have enrolled in one of the following programs please view this tutorial

Cert: Advanced Graduate Studies in Addiction Counseling
M.S.: Addiction Counseling
M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy
M.S.: Professional Counseling
B.S.: Addiction Counseling
B.S.: in Health Science
B.S.: Medical Imaging Sciences
B.S.: Respiratory Care
Nursing Post-Masters Certificates
B.S.: Nursing
eM.B.A.: Ken Blanchard Executive
B.S.: Public Safety Administration

If your program of study is not listed above please view this tutorial. 

APA Style Guides

Writing in APA - This tutorial walks students through the basic format for all papers submitted here at GCU.

Student Portal - This tutorial walks students through account set up, accessing MyGCU and the Student Portal, and the features of the portal including personalized alerts, a GPA calculator, access to update personal information, class schedules, and many other enhanced features!