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Frequently Asked Questions

Grand Canyon University strives to meet the needs of their students. Below are answers to our commonly asked questions by our LLA students.

  1. Q: Why should I use this option?
    A: By submitting a Lifelong Learning Assessment (LLA) Paper and receiving credit for your life experiences, you may:
    • Reduce the time it takes to finish your education
    • Minimize the cost of your degree program
    • Gain a deeper understanding about what you already know,
    • Improve your writing and critical thinking skills
    • Acquire credit for your prior experience which equates to college-level learning

  2. Q: Who is eligible for this option?
    A: Undergraduate students who are in Associate's or Bachelor's degree programs at GCU and individuals with ample life experiences related to the subjects on the LLA Topic Description List are eligible for the LLA credit option.

  3. Q: How will I be notified through this process?
    A: The Center for Learning & Advancement will send notifications to the email you provide in the initial submission paperwork, which should be your official GCU email. This notification will include messages notifying you of the receipt of materials, requests for any incomplete submissions, and the evaluation results.

  4. Q: May I use prior learning for graduate credit?
    A: No. Only undergraduate general education or elective courses qualify for the LLA option.

  5. Q: How long will it take to complete the evaluation of my LLA paper?
    A: This full timeline of events will take seven (7) business days to complete once all materials are correctly submitted by the student.

  6. Q: How many times can I submit my LLA for evaluation?
    A: If an LLA is not granted college credit because of deficiencies, the student will be able to resubmit that topic only one additional time. After the second attempt, no other opportunities will be given for that topic. Remember, just completing the LLA Course, (ENG 135), does not guarantee credit will be given for subsequent LLA papers. Students must show college-level learning from their experiences.

  7. Q: What is the process for submitting my LLA?
    A: Refer to the Regulations and Standards tab for details about submitting LLA documents. All students must take the LLA course (ENG 135) prior to being eligible for submitting an LLA paper. The LLA course, ENG 135, will explain the submission process and how to write an LLA paper according to the Kolb's learning model.

  8. Q: Who evaluates my LLA?
    A: All LLA's are evaluated by expert faculty in the field related to the discipline and subtopics you choose. They will evaluate the explanation of your theoretical knowledge and real-life experiences for the equivalency to college-level learning. Specifically, the faculty member will evaluate how well you explained your knowledge and applicable prior experiences, based on all the subtopics from the LLA Topic Description List and each of the four (4) stages of Kolb's Learning Model. Each LLA will be evaluated according to a rubric which is aligned to each of Kolb's learning stages. The evaluator also considers the quality of grammar and writing clarity as well. 

    Be sure to follow the suggestions, template, and structure provided in the Regulations and Standards tab for likelihood of optimal success.

For questions related to the Lifelong Learning Assessment (LLA) paper process, please contact the Center for Learning & Advancement at the information below:
• Or phone your Academic Counselor

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