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Lifelong Learning Assessment Course (ENG 135)

All students who wish to submit a lifelong learning paper first attend ENG-135 Lifelong Learning Assessment. This course is a writing-intensive course focused on preparing students' personal and professional life learning essays. The Kolb model of experiential learning is presented - a way for students to learn a systematic manner to evaluate and reflect their personal experience, form generalizations and theories from that experience, and test the learning in new situations.
This course also incorporates writing skills, brain-storming activities, critical thinking, and outlining, as well as selected readings from published memoirs that students use as models of how personal experience is used as powerful foundations for compelling writing. Students will progress toward the completion of a draft of a Lifelong Learning Assessment (LLA) paper. Topics for the course are:

• Understanding the KOLB Model
• Building an Essay
• Organizing Ideas into the KOLB Model
• Getting a Life Learning Assessment Paper Started
• Fine-tuning Your Paper
• Proofreading Techniques
• Finalizing and Submitting the LLA

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